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Description and Overview

Plickers is a great option as an assessment or survey tool if your students don’t have devices. Students each receive a response card, which they hold up to record their answer. Teachers scan the room with the Plickers mobile app, and responses are recorded and displayed.

Great for

Multiple choice review and assessments in a low-tech environment.


Free, with Pro version available.

Ease of use


Set Up Time


Getting Started

Create an account at, and follow the prompts to create classes and questions. You will also need to install the Plickers mobile app, and print off a set of Plicker cards for your students.


Plickers: Get Started Guide

Video tutorial



This video provides a visual example of how the Plickers technology works (demo begins at 0:40)


Accessibility: Plickers does not have an accessibility policy, because students are using a physical object to record responses. Cards with larger fonts can be printed for students with visual disabilities.

Privacy policy

While tools have been evaluated for accessibility standards, it is up to you to verify that created works meet accessibility guidelines at your institution. For more information, contact your campus Disability Services department.

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