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Description and Overview

powtoon logoA web-based video presentation tool allowing users to create content from scratch or use powtoon’s library of free, ready-made “drag-&-drop” templates, animations, graphics, fonts, sounds/music, etc. Users have the option to import existing .ppt Powerpoint files to help create animated presentations. Additional features include importing your own images, audio files, with capabilities to create voice-overs directly within powtoon. The tool allows for exporting to YouTube, storing on Powtoon, and/or embedding into other 3rd party options such as Book Creator.

Great for

Easy creation of short video presentations using existing templates, graphics, audio, or personal uploaded content

Classroom Uses:

Video presentation ideas include:

  • How-to/explainer/training animations
  • Introduce yourself
  • “Draw my life” for historic figures
  • Introduce or review a difficult/controversial topic
  • Teaser for upcoming class content or campus event
  • Presentations/Collaborative presentations
  • Student reflections/proof of learning and mastery of content
  • Faculty/student feedback

Personal: Free and paid accounts available

Ease of use


Set Up Time

Minimal (best-practice tip: create a storyline/script prior to designing in powtoon)


8 How-To Videos: 22 Minutes of Training Help Center Education Tips (K-12 Focus) Classroom Use Ideas PowToon YouTube Channel PowToon for Students

Additional Notes
  • Authentication options include Google, Office 365, Facebook or Linkedin accounts
  • Free Education Powtoon accounts will carry the Powtoon EDU branding on created content
  • Free Basic Powtoon accounts will carry the Powtoon branding on created content
  • Free Basic Powtoon accounts include a maximum of 3 minutes recording time and up to 100 MB of storage

Terms of Service Privacy Policy NOTE: No formal accessibility policy or provisions have been made for ADA compliance. However, pro accounts offer the ability to publish powtoon content as a PDF file, making created content accessible. Additionally, publishing to YouTube allows users to utilize captioning tools.

While tools have been evaluated for accessibility standards, it is up to you to verify that created works meet accessibility guidelines at your institution. For more information, contact your campus Disability Services department.

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