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Description and Overview

Hypothes.is logoUse Hypothesis to hold discussions, read socially, organize your research, and take personal notes. 

Great for
  • annotation 
  • discussion
  • note taking
Classroom Uses:

Student research and collaboration


Free, with option to give a donation

Ease of use

Easy, though some features are more complicated.

Set Up Time

Minimal. Do note that will also install the Chrome browser if you do not already have it on your device. 

Getting Started

To get started, head to the hypothes.is website and create an account. Install the Chrome browser plug in, the load the article you want to annotate. 


Help resources available on the Hypothes.is website. 



Accessibility & Privacy

While tools have been evaluated for accessibility standards, it is up to you to verify that created works meet accessibility guidelines at your institution. For more information, contact your campus Disability Services department.

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