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Description and Overview

Zoom is a web conferencing program used by several schools in PALNI. If your school does not subscribe, you can sign up for a free Zoom account, and host short meetings (40 mins or less) of up to 100 participants. It includes features like screen share, recording, and break out rooms for discussion.

Great for

Virtual meetings, Online collaboration, Screen recording

Classroom Uses:
  • Guest speakers: bring in speakers from all over the world. Be sure to work with your IT department to ensure proper speaker & microphone configuration in your classroom
  • Online class sessions and group work
  • Creating videos: use the record feature in Zoom to create screen casts for flipped and online courses, or to record live class sessions.
  • Basic personal meeting account: Free
  • Personal pro and institutional accounts also available
Ease of use

Easy, but training or practice recommended before hosting your first meeting to verity microphone & webcam are working properly.

Set Up Time


Getting Started

After you’ve created an account, click your profile setting to retrieve your static meeting URL. Share this link with your meeting attendees, or use the scheduling tool to set up a meeting for a future time. For full meeting functionality, you will need a webcam, microphone, and speakers or a headset. Meeting participants do not need a Zoom account to join the session.

Additional Notes
  • Contact your campus IT department to find out if your school has an institutional subscription to Zoom, or a different video conferencing program

Accessibility and Privacy

While tools have been evaluated for accessibility standards, it is up to you to verify that created works meet accessibility guidelines at your institution. For more information, contact your campus Disability Services department.

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